Do your pets need someone to check in on them while your out of town? do your pets get stressed alone We’ll spend the night to give them the extra TLC they desire as well as added security for your home.

Pet Sitting

Available 7 days a week.

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20 Minute Pet Sit Visit

$ 15

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30 Minute Pet Sit Visit

$ 21

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Overnight Pet Sitting

$ 75

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Each Pet Sitting Visit Includes

House Sitting & Overnight Pet Care

$75 per Night | Available 7 Days a Week

Do your pets get lonely at night? We’ll spend the night to give them the extra TLC they desire as well as added security for your home.

Our House Sitting and Overnight Pet Care Service includes an 8-hour overnight stay and (1) 30 minute return visit during the day. Designed for taking care of your home, pets and completing minor household tasks while you are away.

Service Windows:

If your pet needs an extra potty break you can schedule an additional visit.


Currently VIP Dog Walking and Pet Sitting covers Maumelle Arkansas (zip 72113) North Little Rock (zip 72113). 

Yes! If you have a secure yard we will happily let your dog out. We can play ball or just let them run and spend time in the yard. All dogs must be in a secure area or on a leash for safety. 

Enjoy convenience and peace of mind with our free mobile app which allows you to update your information, quickly and easily schedule services, communicate with VIP Pet staff, receive visit updates, and make payments anytime and from anywhere.

We accept all payments through our secure mobile app. Once you have scheduled services an invoice will be generated and you can pay it right in the app with a credit card or ACH check. 

Many veterinarians and pet experts believe that keeping pets in their familiar surroundings helps to alleviate the stress imposed when their owners have to leave home. Pets are then also able to maintain their diet and exercise routine, and enjoy the personal attention provided by a pet sitter. This also eliminates the trauma of being transported and minimizes their exposure to illnesses of other animals.

Yes. We will administer all veterinary prescribed medications to your pet. This includes oral medication as well as Diabetic injections.

If we suspect that something is wrong with a pet, we will call you at the emergency phone numbers we have on file. If the client believes the veterinarian should see the pet, we will transport him to the veterinarian’s office for examination and treatment. In the event we cannot reach the client, we will decide if the veterinarian should see your pet. If necessary, we will take your pet for treatment. You will be billed for any extra time we spend for these services.

We try to avoid exposing pets to extreme weather, as long as its safe we will take dogs for a full walk. If it is lightening, tornado warning or extreme temperatures which make it unsafe, we will offer your pet other options like a quick let out and indoor play.