Worried you dog or cat could be allergic to pollen? Spring is in the air in Maumelle and North Little Rock and so is the pollen! Are you and your pets seeing yellow? With every gust of wind, along with it comes a layer of yellow dust which settles anywhere it can, covering cars, decks, not to mention the entire yard.

This is also the time of year that allergies are in full swing, but what about our pets? Do you worry about it causing a reaction for your pets? Do your cats go outside and roll in the pollen? When you walk your dogs are they picking it up from the paths?

Yes, your pets can suffer from allergies, just not in the typical ways we do. Your dog or cat will not be coughing and sneezing but more likely to be itching and scratching. Unlike humans they absorb the pollen thought their skin after it falls on their fur, ears and paw pads. You may notice hair loss, red skin, licking, and chewing especially where their skin comes in contact with the pollen.

According to the ASPCA here are other symptoms to look out for:

How You Can Help Them

A trip to the vet is the best course of action.  Here are some preventatives and remedies you can try at home:

Is your pet allergic to pollen or other allergens? Share how you are treating them.

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