With Spring finally here the weather warming up, it’s a great time to get out and enjoy the Natural State with your dog! As the owner of VIP Dog Walking & Pet Sitting, I often get asked “Where is the best place to walk my dog in Maumelle and North Little Rock”.

      I have made a short list of my top local places to walk my dogs. I have also included our local dog parks. This is a great way to meet other local dog owners and allow your dogs to socialize. Depending on your dog’s personality, you may want to try different places. Some dogs are shy and prefer to walk in a quiet place, others love people and having a-lot of things going on around them. My dog Coal loves people and dogs, but he doesn’t get into crowded areas very often, so it wouldn’t be ideal for me to take him to a busy street downtown. Judge your dog’s reaction and reinforcing good behavior helps your dog enjoy the outdoors with you!

1. Walking Trails

The most convenient place to start walking your dog is your local walking trails. Most neighborhoods in Maumelle and North Little Rock have walking trails through out. Most of these trails are available year round, you may want to avoid these trails after heavy rain storms, as they can have some flooded areas.

2. Lake Willastein

Taking your dog out of your neighborhood and somewhere different is a great experience for most dogs. Lake Willastein located in the heart of Maumelle offers some great options. Having Three lakes with trails you can walk with your dog. Some paths are shaded by trees, while the path along Maumelle Boulevard is not. You will see people doing all sorts of activities during the warmer months. If you want to just bring a lawn chair and sit by the lake with your dog or drop in a small boat or Kayak to take your dog out on the water. Your dog must be on a leash at all times when at Lake Willastein as leash laws are enforced by local Park Rangers. Bathrooms are provided in the middle of the park along with a water fountain.

3. Big Dam Bridge

Just a short 5-10 minute drive from Maumelle is The Big Dam Bridge in North Little Rock. You can Park on either side of the pedestrian only bridge. All are welcome on this bridge which overlooks the Arkansas River. The bridge is split into two sides with painted instructions for bikers and walkers. Doggy poop bags with a pet trash can are provided for you on either side of the bridge and an additional in a spot in the middle. During the warmer months this is often visited by runners, bikers and families. If your dog doesn’t walk around a lot of people often, I would suggest going during the week, to slowly introduce your dog to the sites of strollers, bikes, and other dogs that can get fairly close as you are passing each other. Bathrooms are provided in the form of porta-potties at each end of the bridge. There are no easily accessible water fountains so I would highly suggest bringing bottles of water for yourself and your dog. There also is very little shade provided on the bridge. Make sure you consider your dogs paw pads if you are going to walk this bridge during the hot summer months you may want to visit earlier in the day.

4. Murray Park

If you start on the North Little Rock Side of the Big Dam Bridge, you will see an option to exit the bridge into Murray Park which is about a mile off of the bridge. You can also drive to Murray Park where they provide plenty of parking. Restrooms are provided in an actual building. Large grassed and wooded areas surround the park. Plenty of pavilions with BBQ burners welcome to be used by the public. There is a boat dock with steps to walk down which would be nice to let your dog watch the water. Volleyball and soccer fields are available which makes this a great family park. The park does have leash laws so you need to keep your pet on it until you get to one of the best features of Murray Park, the Dog Park located inside, Paws Park!

5. Paws Park and Murray

This is one of the best dog park options for people who have small dogs living in Maumelle and North Little Rock. The dog park is sectioned off into two areas, small dogs 0-30 lbs and large dogs 30 lbs+. This park is 2 ½ acres for your furry pals to play and mingle with other dogs. Water fountains are located in each section along with benches and a secure area to enter and exit the park. Bags and trash cans are provided for cleaning up after your dog. Restrooms are also located nearby. You are free to let your dog off leash while inside but you must put them back on as soon as you are exiting the dog park area.

6. Maumelle Friends of the Animals Dog Park

If you don’t want to go over the bridge to let your dog run, Maumelle does offer its own dog park. Maumelle Friends of the Animals Dog Park, located right across from animal services. It provides a double fencing for you to enter. All sized dogs are welcome, as it is a single fenced area. There are some agility inspired toys for the dogs to jump on and play chase around. Picnic tables are provided and there is shade. Be cautioned if you like a clean dog! When it’s the rainy season this dog park does get very muddy, and your dog will too! You may want to plan on giving your dog a bath as soon as you get home, or brining a towel for your car! Dog poop bags are provided as well as trash cans. There is a hose to get fresh water for the dogs or fill up the swimming pools. I would suggest bringing your own water bottles and dish for your dog.

The more often your dog gets out to spend time with other people, dogs, or just a new sights and smells, the happier your dog may be. Allowing them to go on new adventures challenges their brains and keeps them for getting bored. If you don’t have the time during the week or just want your dog to get extra exercise while your at work hiring a Dog Walker is a great way to keep your pet healthy and Happy! VIP Dog Walking & Pet Sitting would love to help! Click Here to learn more!

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VIP Dog Walking & Pet Sitting



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